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Women using a vacuum to masturbate

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Female masturbation - with suction

That’s accually kinda exciting. I’m a female and i masturbate with vacuums often. I’m obsessed with grace, stories, and good looseleaf tea. Kids these days don’t think it through.

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Women using a vacuum to masturbate. Although i do know about it, its only because of movies. (luckily for me, they go together well). You need a shop vac that can handle wet and dry. No part of this website can be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. A german urologists’s phd dissertation was on the topic:

Do people masturbate with vacuum cleaners? : sex

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The world is waiting. It uses innovative vacuum technology to create a massaging effect, and it charges magnetically for cable-free handling. Advertisements showed up in magazines and women started buying them themselves.

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