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But i liked my status among my peers. I’m not accusing them of confirmation bias, i said i want to avoid it by following my own research based on their hypothesis. Specifically, your brain has changed since you stopped porn, and every time you choose not to view porn you are strengthening positive pathways, and weakening addiction pathways. This tunnel vision, in my experience, is characterized by a complete shut down of the ‘new/logical brain. I recommend doing some research, assessing your goals, and making an informed decision.


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Watch masterbation orgasm. I didn’t quite get this at first, so now i’ve added a no edging counter – and it’s already 4 days. Here’s how it starts, “man, i’m doing well at nofap. I stoped pmo for four months never watches porn never masturbated in those four months. So there’s a lesson for you. I don’t even give a fuck anymore. And i expect the next few days (at least) to be hell, as i have these fresh images to deal with.

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It also depends on the role m plays in your life. If someone can do something for a week, that’s a long time!” “it is an achievement,” brain conceded, “but it’s not the achievement you set out to achieve.

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