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Throw it up while fucked


Armie hammer peach scene in call me by your name

At least that’s the line my therapist sells me when i start complaining about how it’s been almost four years since i last took a drink or snorted a line, and yet i’m still fucked up when it comes to sex, finances, food and probably a bunch of other stuff i’m not even recovered enough to be aware of yet. Push her head down. Anyway, i suppose my awareness of my friends’ certain discomfort made it almost impossible for me to let myself “go” properly, which i was annoyed myself about but chose to blame it on weak mdma. Whatever it takes, right? So thanks everybody! and if anybody out there is having the same dilemma, those reasons apply to you, too. We both did big bombs, and afterwards i complained how long it would take me to come-up, as it normally takes me hours longer than the people i’m with.


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Throw it up while fucked. Puking fucks up your teeth. But the worst time was glastonbury this year, mainly because it felt so fucking unjust. I knew when i was full, but i felt powerless to stop and continued well past that point. Because you haven’t chugged a bunch of grape soda. Please follow the instructions in the email within 48 hours to complete your registration.

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(and for those of you who. All models on this website are adults. Gross messed-up teeth, & bad breath.

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