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Tantric meditation and orgasm


6 tantric tricks that will help you have an insane orgasm | womens health

As the legend goes, krishna gave an orgasmic experience to 16,000 women simultaneously. And remove old shame and negative energy that may be blocking you. There is also a right-hand path which is very refined technology. (the female principle), in any form they would appear.

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Tantric meditation and orgasm. It’s a very health beneficial practice, as it raises our awareness, energy levels while also oxygenating our entire body. It’s well known that women have a harder time than men focusing on sensual and sexual activities. Please use the booking link (see tickets) to reserve your spot. What attitudes around self-pleasure were you raised with? were you taught it was healthy and natural or that it was something to be ashamed of?

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These three things give you the ecstasy

Basically, tantric philosophy states that we can access higher spiritual states through certain energies in our bodies. Who, on her website, encourages “sexual liberation” among women. But in all seriousness, i felt powerful.

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