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Spank bare bottom discipline

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Pastor howard curtis spanked the bare bottoms of female congregation members | daily mail online

For most of us, the reason we are still parenting the way our parents parented us is because we don’t know a better way. Hand slapping started pretty young when i was growing up. She would have been just as happy if me and my brothers let her be and just played nicely. I than bent him over my knee and gave him a hard spanking in his jockey shorts. If there is any reasoning or rational mind left, a parent will realize that spanking will still not get them what they want, and now they will have an angry, upset child while they themselves are feeling upset and more frustrated. Some of which were new to me.


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Spank bare bottom discipline. Spoons and dowels with an amount of force that caused significant bruising. But if you find yourself constantly spanking the child over and over again for the same crime there is something wrong in your parenting. Tried to figure out what was going on with me. Forms of punishing children.

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Be at the dance. Dysfunctional spanking (in anger or in a way which causes long-term damage such as bruising or a child fearing for his/her own safety) seems to be more the result of other dysfunctional family patterns. It questions how violence in society can be attributed to spanking when there was more spanking in the past, but less violence than now: “even without a phd in sociology, the average person, using his common sense, should be suspicious of studies that claim spanking increases societal violence”.

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