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Sore around anus

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Itching or painful anus - hesperian health guides

Also go and buy some bran muffins or something with lots of bran in it. Av bin avin this anal pain since last year when i was pregnant with my first child. More fiber in diet can help. However there is hope, i went to my doctor who prescribed fybogel and suppositories and ointment, which worked at first but then stopped having any effect so i went back to the dr and they sent me to see the consultant who gave me a stronger ointment. Sometimes it hurts to bad it makes me jump. Its very painful inside my anal region. I had a third child and here i am again but i’m booked for botox again in a few weeks and am confident it will work again.


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Sore around anus. I just take ibrofen but reading the article the pain probably goes before the tab has worked. Some infections are easily transferred from the genitals to the anal area, given how close they are to one another. Scratching is one of main reasons for an itchy anus even when there is no underlying medical cause. It feels like something is trying to push out of there, but when i push it hurts almost where my ovaries would be. I have had this dreadful pain in my butt on and off for years. I’ve dealt with it mostly by way of defication, which always relieves the pain almost instantly. After years of terrible pain up my bum- i finally have a name for it.

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I have a pain in my butt for about 4months. I’ve been back & forth to my gp @ least 5x over the last 4 wks complaining of a pain-in-the-bum (no, it’s not me!). Butter milk, yoghurt is good, eat a banana every day, spinach is good.

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