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Sinus facial mask


The cooling effect can last only 20 to 30 minutes, so users have suggested buying 2 or more of this as this can provide longer duration of relief of symptoms. This sounds amazing, i want this eye pillow for me. If punctured it will not leak and remained useable. The sinus pillow will relax tense facial muscles and open up any blocked sinus passages.


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Sinus facial mask. Precise opening from eyes, nose and mouth provide easy adjustment of mask and velcro strap help in fitting to every face size without any hassle. Glide a gel sinus mask in a dish of high temp water for a couple of minutes to exchange mitigating, sodden warmth to these difficult territories. As mention a while back it can be heated to give you more relaxing feel when you are super stressed. It could also be microwaved.

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The gel pack that is contained within the mask is resistant to leakage, so damage to the mask does not lead to reduced efficacy of the product. The elasto-gel sinus mask is a flexible gel pack that is used as a treatment in the management of troublesome sinus problems.

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