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Sicky discharge from anal


Urban dictionary: anal fluid

Case reports, procedural guidelines, good practice, conference presentations, videos, e-publications and more, searchable by specialism and audience. Lifestyle changes may resolve the issue for some. I have a 97 year old women here & she had passed mucus & she had a cold and a very runny nose & now on anti-botics. A white discharge with a mucus-like viscosity should be considered a slightly more serious symptom. Should i be worried.


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Sicky discharge from anal. However, you need to observe high standards of hygiene while having loose stool. Mother are also likely to loosen their anal muscles during child birth. Getting a cavity filled can. It is secreted by cells lining many parts of our digestive and respiratory systems. Such cancers are known as squamous cell carcinomas. Watery discharge from anus. Any discharge from there, any blood? if no, this is unlikely to be any pathology.

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Have to see a specialist next week as well to rule out any need for surgery. A clear or yellowish white discharge may come out. Others include; food poisoning, antibiotics, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, chemotherapy, and bacterial infections.

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