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Selling old toys

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We buy vintage toys and other vintage items

But if you’re looking to make a little more money back, that’s what we’re going to focus on here. Also have very rare beanie babies. Still, if you have a closet full of what those communities want, by all means sign up and sell. ) completely, or prefer to list your classic toys for sale on dedicated websites and forums. We’re not going to suggest you barter all of the junk you want to get rid of, but we are going to talk about how you can look at the junk you think has no value at all and figure out how much it might be worth to someone who wants it.


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What are my toys worth?

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Selling old toys. Retro toys remain the most popular with almost one in three britons naming lego, which first appeared in the 1950s, as their childhood favourite. The sale winds along u. We are true collectors, so we understand the personal attachment and financial investment you are likely to have made in your special and unique collection. We pay top dollar for your unopened toys.


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Factor in packaging and shipping

The only thing to be careful of is when attending any show — is make sure it is legitimate. Art and collectibles are tricky things to sell because you really want to make sure you get your item in front of someone who explicitly wants it.

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