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Ride until orgasm

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To start your own kegel routine, squeeze the same muscles you would to control your flow of urine for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds. The most important suggestion is the last. Take it from tess, a 30-year-old chicago theater manager: “one night, i had just finished climaxing during sex with my husband, but he was just getting started. It was as though the most sensation i had previously had was a 3 and this was a 10. Repeat 10 times, working your way up to a series of 50, three times a day.


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Ride until orgasm. Your g-spot will probably feel like a rough patch about the size of a quarter. Big white butt :d. One night in bed, my boyfriend and i found that if i lifted my rear end off the bed while we were having sex, he could penetrate me much, much deeper,” says kathryn, 31, a pharmaceuticals salesperson from tulsa, okla. That was all it took to make me a kegel believer!”. I never believed the articles i read about the existence of the g-spot until the night my husband and i accidentally found it,” says kathy. To find yours, next time you’re making love in the missionary position, lift your legs up in the air and back toward your body. Relax and focus on the process of making love rather than simply striving for an end result,” advises whipple.

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Just moan in general. Says that her “single-mindedness” was all that was holding her back from having a multiple. Riding top my hard cock gets a cum-inside in her spread pussy.

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