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Redhead twins snowball


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Warmth hit him too and he wondered if maybe he was already dead and had somehow, magically, ended up in heaven. All right, here we are,” she said, spooning out the correct dosage. In a weasley snowball fight, a team wins by obtaining the other team’s flag and getting it back to their side of the field,” said the other twin, mimicking his twin’s pose. A ferocious, wet battle ensued as the other team, unprepared as hermione had predicted, fought back with clumps of snow and sheet brute strength.

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104 best redhead twins images on pinterest | twins, binoculars and red headsRedhead twins always amaze and relax me, they are so natural | red hair | pinterest | redheads, twins and natural


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One step at a time chapter 19: a snowball fight to the death, a harry potter fanfic | fanfiction


Redhead twins snowball. I think they’re the rightful winners. It’ll bring the whole thing down. Begins with disgusting footage of the sickening process by which chicken nuggets are produced. Let them come to us,” said hermione. I sort of figured that,” draco muttered, wincing as his searching hand found the lump. I should say, he can outwait anything when it comes to a game of strategy.

The kirkus star

She still had trouble believing that the laughing young man at her kitchen table was a malfoy. You were very disoriented, which can be a symptom for a head injury. Now she’s back for another spin, starring in the dramatic competition’s weirdest film.

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