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Pc word for midget

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The m word

So we sat him right down and began desensitizing the word midget. Thank you for your genuine, honest response and for the article. This publication is licensed under the terms of the open government licence v3. In fact, even into the 1950’s, it was still considered more socially acceptable to be a midget than to be any other kind of dwarf! i remember hearing parents say “if my child has to be small, then thank god she’s a midget, and not a dwarf. Did i forget any?

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Like-minded people

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Pc word for midget. The use of the word midget is, for little people, equated with any other hate word someone might use to describe a minority group. (a lifetime docu-series about six women with dwarfism living in los angeles). Like limbaugh, i’m ashamed at our country. We need to begin to reflect it in our art and our culture in ways that reduce its negative impact. I had the same reaction as the post editors. An interview with terry gilliam, director of “the man who killed don quixote.


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Share it with someone you care about. Originally to be called “midgets of america,” the folks who could afford to attend the early meetings were as likely to be non-midgets as midgets. Premiere member : $20.

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