Selected Papers

‘warranted religion: answering objections to Alvin Plantinga’s epistemology,’ Religious Studies 51 (2015): 477-495.

With Tyler Taber, ‘Is Divine Hiddenness a Problem for the Reformed epistemologist?’ Heythrop Journal, forthcoming.

With Erik Baldwin, ‘An Epistemic Defeater for Islamic Belief?'(Routledge) International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, published online January 29, 2016, forthcoming in print.

With Erik Baldwin, “Reformed Epistemology and the Pandora’s Box Objection: The Vaiśeika and Mormon Traditions,” Philosophia Christi 18/2 (2016): 451-465.

“Super Mario Strikes Back: A Molinist Reply to Welty’s Gunslingers,” forthcoming in Perichoresis.

With Erik Baldwin, “Divine Methodology: A Lawful Deflection of Kantian and Kantian-esque Defeaters, Open Theology 3/1 (2017): 293-304.

Books and Book Chapters

With Erik Baldwin, Plantingian Religious Epistemology and World Religions: Prospects and Problems, under contract with Rowan and Littlefield (Lexington Press).

With Erik Baldwin, “From Theology to Theodicy: A Defense of Felix Culpa,” in Evil And Some of its Theological Problems, eds. Ben Arbour and John Gilhooly (New Castle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

Selected Books Reviews

Review: Beyond the Control of God: Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects, Paul Gould ed. (Bloomsbury Academic, 2014), forthcoming in European Journal for Philosophy for Religion.

                                                                                                                                                           Review: Robust Ethics: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of a Godless Normative Realism, Erik Wielenberg (New York: Oxford Press, 2014), forthcoming in Religious Studies Review.

                                                                                                                                                                     Review: God Over All: Divine Aseity and the Problem of Platonism, William Lane Craig (New York: Oxford Press, 2016), forthcoming in Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies.


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