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Pantyhose mask fetish

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Is recommended for viewing vids. Holding up a finger, i pulled out a leopard bodystocking that i had. That is when i discovered an alternate use for pantyhose. As she explored that chest, i opened my other one, the chest containing the pairs that i use regularly. She gave me a look, than pulled me to the side of the room. Not only had a found someone with a love of pantyhose, but also someone who also enjoyed the taste of their own cum. Well, she wanted to play right away, but i wouldn’t let her.

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Pantyhose mask fetish. Using my nylon covered finger to part her belly button a bit (an innie i might add), i carefully sucked on her belly a bit. Most guys aren’t that quick, so it caught me a bit off guard. You see, when i got my first bodystocking, i fell even further in love with pantyhose. I was at the bar, drinking a bud light, when she approached. I just flowed around it. So i have tasted myself before, but only by licking my fingers or whatever toy i’m using for self-gratification. As i began to suck on her pussy, i began to feel something wet soaking through the nylon.


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She began doing the same to me, exploring the feeling of everything with pantyhose. With her head against my shoulder, and my arm around her, i walked her into my closet. She would then fuck me some more, than twist again.

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