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Oral sex with another guy

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Instead of trying to understand him, and get him to admit it to you, do this instead: Oral is never cheating. I thought i would have to go to the hospital or the dentist or something. My friend bruce and i were walking down the street, he slipped on a banana peel, and when he landed somehow his dingaling just happened to end up in my rear. More on what men want at glamour.


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First time with another guy

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Oral sex with another guy. Right now, for me, that means being a straight man who is trying to go out and love a lot of men. One in four wives and two out of five husbands are open to the idea of swinging. There is no actual feeling involved for me, as in an emotional attachment. He is closet bi, but he likes being able to just take me without permission, prefer it that way. It can destroy trust and ruin connections forever. There are exceptions to this of course.


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We do practice oral sex about every other month. For him, that is what he says makes him straight. Own it for men overall.

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