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Not too old to spank


Jw kids:  how old were you when you stopped getting spanked?

Next time you run out of paper, remember to ask for more. To be corrective and effective, punishment needs to be specified, swift, certain and severe. If wood is in short supply, my wife found out that a switch. Contain the problem by removing him from your home. What in the world happened!?” i yelled as i looked at the now ruined carpet.


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For those who believe in corporal punishment at what point did you realize your kid was too old to spank? - quoraAt what age is my child too old to spank? - no perfect parentsKids are never too old to be spanked | cafemom

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Not too old to spank. Spouses cannot hit their partners. My younger daughter recently landed on your site and showed it to me. I hope this answers your question. Never, i say again, never, make a threat you will not follow through with. They might work for some children, but they do.

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Spaces the blows out several seconds apart. Would be the punishment. The information presented in this site gives general advice on parenting and health care.

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