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You have a new user avatar waiting for moderation. But, she seemed also turned on by the scene! i saw her reach down into her pants and start to finger herself. Now, you better talk to your soon to be wife and let her know. I never imagined my wife cheating on me, not to mention with her own dad! but after about an hour driving and thinking about it, my feelings changed and instead of the initial hatred and betrayal, i actually started to get aroused by the idea. Keep sucking that cock.

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My wife fucks her dads ass. I then felt the tip of his cock on my hole, waiting to go in. Dad then stuck out his tongue and worked it up the shaft of my dick to it’s head and ran it around the tip. My own wife, my wife who didn’t want to have sex openly and share her experiences is doing it with her own father! a 50 year old man! This story is a work of fiction.

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What i saw shocked me and i couldn’t move! – my wife had her top down, holding her dad’s head to her breast, her other hand was rubbing his erect cock, while he was sucking on her breast his hand was under her dress, masturbating her. When i got back, i saw the garage empty; obviously she was alone in the house. When my lips were at the base, i sucked on it exactly like he did to me just a few moments earlier.

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