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Muller lick the lid

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To think this is outrageous behaviour? (muller corner related) (husband cant keep his tongue to himself) |

I scrape the lid with my spoon because my grandma told me about the time she cut her tongue licking the lid and i’ve been paranoid ever since. This muller advert was on long ago back in 2008 🙂 but i thought it would be a great advert to put up today, new years day. Of their embedded videos: colors, buttons, end screens, and more. Good luck to you both.

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Grumpy young women: every bit as grumpy as the old girls: britain, please stop licking the lid of life, ok?Great advert: muller yoghurt lick the lid of life

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Muller lick the lid. Muller products are crap. There are many people in search of such types of post. He screwed up the lid and through it in the bin. That would definitely be grounds for ltb. Retrieved from ” https: now she’s an award-winning entrepreneur. Great job done by you.


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I bet he gets some of the smaller corner on his spoon then dips it into the bigger corner rather than mixing the two like god intended. It cleverly combines a functional product message about yummy yoghurt with an emotional idea about living life to the full.

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