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For those worried, my wife is okay with me talking about this and will most likely read some of this depending on how she feels (she has a cold now). The “alice & bob share a public key” lecture was a hit. I agree that this sort of thing can be a gray area. I find it fascinating how hateful people can become of something that is damaging only because people perceive it as evil and not because it is damaging in itself. She’d not explored her sexuality before meeting him at all. It just slips my mind, to be honest. I came in just after she turned 17 (we’d been friends for a while).


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Lost virginity on webcam. I was a film major and work in video production (in hopes of eventually being a filmmaker) so it’s hard to pin down one. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to be removed from society until they can be fixed if they’re broken to the extent where they harm people, but i think it just changes your view of them. Its one of the more long-term destructive side effects of abuse that doesn’t get a lot of press. On one of the sites i was selling them on, they offered video chat as well as the ability to sell videos.

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I would not be able to commit myself to someone with that amount of baggage. These same states differentiate even further if the adult is more then 10 years older then the child. You are comparing apples to oranges.

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