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Lick balls head tips

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5 oral sex techniques that will make him go crazy

Hover over his groin here for five seconds (not too long or you will seem like a spectre and that will make him feel self-conscious). These are hotspots for hiv transmission. Let your tongue do the talking. The ones most resitant are most afraid they will like to much and holding back from living good. If the twins start scrunching up, then i know i’m doing a good job.


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Things to do with his balls during oral sex

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Lick balls head tips. It will drive him nuts. That way it goes straight down into the digestive tract that is very tough on germs. Stick your tongue out again and reach for him, tease him! No, this isn’t some weird golf metaphor, although i’d be surprised if tiger woods hasn’t used those very words in the bedroom before. Keep teasing do not go to fast and cause him to cum too soon! Before you even start this discussion you have to look at your budget.

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Fast up and down stighting of a tighly gripped hand at the bottom of his shaft, and deep blowing with moans. Remember the concentration required to kill an ice cream cone without getting any on your blouse? why do you think they make sex oils in all of your favorite candy/ice cream flavors? it elicits a freaky pavlovian trance of focus and completion. There are lots of additional options with the mouth and hands.

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