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Lesbian lisa simpson


Lesbian marge simpson and lisa - simpsons porn

It was a cute lil nod but some of these commenters are running with it. I know they don’t give a rat’s ass about continuity from new episodes, and shitting on grampa has been a tradition since the early days. This is 12 steps, not 20 questions. I’ll also add that this week’s couch bit with comic book guy was one of my favorites in a long time. I was looking away and only saw a split second. It’s easier when it’s an ‘oddball’ side character like selma but when its just a normal girl who also happens to like girls, that’s when people get awkward.


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Lesbian lisa simpson. I also enjoyed. She was wearing khaki pants, brown clogs, and a forest green t-shirt with a pumping fist on it, directly above the word ‘fight’ in big, bold letters. Bart being the awesome older brother in the end as always. It was a reference to a previous episode where lisa experimented in college. Are we supposed to believe the summer olympics were held in may?

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It was 100% outside of marge’s character to forget lisa’s birthday. Just have it go out on it being another day in springfield with everyone out in the front yard, homer playing with the kids, as the camera pulls out of springfield. The amount of red tape they would have had to by pass with fox to allow them to have that joke, it was the best they could do with a ‘lisa is a lesbian’ aspect.

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