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July 21 09 aclu facial recognition

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Activists urge amazon to drop facial recognition for police

‘ they’re asking amazon to stop marketing rekognition to government agencies over privacy issues that they say can be used to discriminate against minorities. Boston’s logan airport ran two separate facial recognition system tests at its security checkpoints using volunteers posing as terrorists over a three-month period and posted disappointing results. For “worst public official” to the city of tampa for spying on super bowl attendees. That’s the thinking behind apple’s latest security measure, which is more high-tech and a bit more intimate than anything else on the market. Amazon rekognition is primed for abuse in the hands of governments.


Amazon investors join aclu urging halt to facial recognition too - cbs news 8 - san diego, ca news station - kfmb channel 8New iphone brings face recognition (and fears) to the masses

27 june 2018

Controversy - findbiometricsAmazon should stop selling facial recognition tools to police, say civil liberties advocates | the independentAmazon teams up with government to deploy dangerous new facial recognition technology | american civil liberties union


July 21 09 aclu facial recognition. The aclu sued in march on behalf of a congolese woman who was separated from her daughter for five months after seeking asylum at a san diego border crossing and a brazilian asylum-seeker who was separated from her son after an arrest for illegal entry in august near the texas-new mexico border. We are seeing automated facial recognition suddennly trend all over europe, including berlin (!) and london. The documents the a. The united states military and intelligence agencies have used facial recognition tools for years in overseas conflicts to identify possible terrorist suspects. The group says that the police could use it to track protesters or others whom authorities deem suspicious, rather than limiting it to people committing crimes. Surveillance can kill people,’ said garry owens of the legacy of equality, leadership and organizing. Unlocking one’s phone with a face scan may offer added convenience and security for iphone users, according to apple, which claims its “neural engine” for faceid cannot be tricked by a photo or hacker.


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Who overstay their visas at airports. It’s the concept of facial recognition in conjunction with law enforcement that worries some civil rights groups. A study last year by georgetown university researchers found nearly half of all americans in a law enforcement database that includes facial recognition, without their consent.

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