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Guys suck own


Urban dictionary: suck up

You placed bets with people that you could suck your own penis? did you settle these bets by auto-felating in front of them? I love the way my vagina looks. But i’m sure i’d rather just do it for him. Gives a whole new meaning , of recycling. Hurts the neck and back a lot. Com it gets even worse.

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Guys suck own. I would say that my cock size is only slightly larger than average at a tad over 7 inches. I used to bet people that i could do this in college. It was very pre-sexual, and i felt vaguely bored. On my own, i am able to get about half to two thirds of my cock in my mouth, but with help of a lover i am able to get all of my cock right down to my balls into my mouth. Don’t miss the faq section to the right – very interesting: His bush needs to be trimmed, too much whacking, not enough self sucking, cum in mouth was ok, could have got more in.


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I’m grateful that i did it because it made me receptive to trying so much more sexually that the average guy is too chicken shit to get into. Selfsuck: show or tell your girlfriend but you might want to be coy in the introduction of the subject.

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