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What does it feel like to watch your partner have sex with someone else? - quora

There is an exquisite blend of pain/pleasure/jealousy that is almost impossible to describe, but just has to be experienced. I feel gratitude that she shares her joy with me and that she feels joy at my joy. Contact webmaster 18 u. Have her get a little raunchy. 2257 record-keeping requirements compliance statement. Fun in your city. But, as she described the enjoyment her husband had at watching her and having “after” sex with her, with the other man’s ejaculate inside her, the wife became concerned that maybe her husband was gay.


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Guy watches wife fuck for money. I’ll catch my beloved’s eye and i see love and gratitude that i support her joy, then her eyes will glaze over again. It depends is a common answer, but is really true. In one case, she simply saw it as an opportunity to fuck other guys. Depends on how much time you watched your partner before, at the beginning its awkward, but with time, its getting “normal”. I thought that was terrific.

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He was into being made to do low, pathetic things. Sienna’s sugar daddy husband brings jarod diamond, a fellow co-worker, home for dinner.

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