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Glory hole etiquite

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Glory hole etiquette

No thanks, i didn’t come here to have sex in an awkward closet, i came here for anonymous cock shoved through a hole in the wall. Unfortunately, as gay culture came into conflict with straight culture, glory holes were appropriated, and now are commonly used by heterosexual pairings. I found one occupied and entered the one next to the occupied booth. I guess he could tell i was ready to shoot because he poked his finger in my ass and hit my prostate. I thought back to my experience when i sucked a cock and how much it pleased me giving pleasure to a cock.

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Glory hole etiquite. I was recently at a suckatorium – just to observe though. I heard a couple tokens drop and a movie started to play. I settled in a booth and dropped in a few tokens. The term may have its roots in the english cant language of polari. I was not sure about two people in the booth but who was there to stop it, i didn’t see “booth police” anywhere nearby.


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