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Girl gets pink sock anus

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Urban dictionary: pink sock

This occurs when the muscles holding the rectum in place weaken enough that gravity starts to pull the rectum downward. Anna’s buddy wanted to fuck her butt hole, so much that he didn’t wait too long and after a short foreplay he pointed his sausage to the tightest hole on annas body and stretched it. This sexy wench will be the first one among her friends whose ass is deflowered. It happens when the rectum detaches from the wall of the body and turns inside out. Or churchgoers at all.

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Girl gets pink sock anus. Anna is a hot teen and she loves sex a lot, and today her boyfriend will teach her something new. It’s not really harmful and can usually be pushed back in. Rectal prolapse is usually treated with surgery, along with stool softeners and other medications to help support healing. K thanks for sharing.


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I assiduously avoided the details. No idea why it happened and i certainly wasn’t going to go back and ask. There are some basic self care things that can help treat hemorrhoids, including eating a high fiber diet (which can also be preventative), not standing or sitting for long periods, daily warm baths, and anorectal lubricants to help ease pressure during bowel movements.

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