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Gaza strip crisis

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Hamas faces crisis in the gaza strip, tries to turn up pressure on israel - the washington post

The islamist hamas movement, which rules the gaza strip, is facing its worst crisis in years as it confronts a severe cash shortage, a loss of regional allies and no obvious way to ease a blockade that is crippling local living conditions and stoking popular discontent. Many gazans blame israel and the palestinian authority for the dismal economic circumstances, but the despair has also translated into frustration with hamas. Some hamas leaders have also seen the protests as a chance for gazans to vent and direct their anger at israel. He had been struggling to find work with a new baby on the way, his relatives said. The militants went on to preside over a lucrative smuggling economy and were bolstered by the rise of like-minded islamists in places including egypt after the arab spring uprisings.


In gaza, may is the cruelest month


Gaza strip crisis. Guarding the border was more important than avoiding killing, and guarding the border is what israel did successfully. Hamas won an upset victory over the dominant fatah party in legislative elections in gaza in 2006. Razan al-najjar, 20, was trying to help an injured protester near the border fence when she was fatally shot by israeli soldiers, witnesses say. Now, demographic and ecosystem issues add urgency. For an organization otherwise known for deadly suicide bombings and rocket attacks on israeli towns. The death of a palestinian baby during the protests in gaza became a rallying cry for critics of israel. Some gazans have complained bitterly that the hamas-backed protests have produced so many deaths and that living conditions ultimately have not improved.

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Gazans and israel could have made peace before. A look at the politics and history of the border fence dividing israel and the palestinian territory.

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