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How machismo culture impacts gay latinos | huffpost

Finally, we selected the remaining participants who reported at least one encounter with a gay-identified partner (. Other gay men actively avoid straight men as sexual partners, as we learned in our interviews. In addition, please read our. If you do not wish to view this material or if you’re under 18, please do not enter.

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Gay latino men. And that’s a problem that the cdc doesn’t yet understand, says eugene mccray, director of the cdc’s division of hiv/aids prevention. Furthermore, studies have shown low rates of disclosure to female partners concerning sexual activity with other men (. The second theme concerned the construction of sexual orientation identity. Is it because the prevention interventions are just not getting to that group in a way that’s effective?” he asks. Having multiple partners), they were more than twice as likely to have used a condom in the most recent sexual encounter as straight-identified msm.


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Although our participants had limited knowledge concerning the relationships of their partners with women, the majority who could report on this issue said that the women did not know that their partners were having sex with a man. Interviews were tape recorded and lasted approximately 90 minutes. The participants in this study) often did not know whether the straight man was having sex with other men and, therefore, did not have full information to assess risk.

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