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Fergie piss on stage


Fergie recalls her most embarrassing onstage moment (yes, that one)

Man you aint down with today or what its called! You’d think she at least try to keep her legs together to hide the stain. Telepictures and warner bros. Who cares if she peed herself? we all have our embarrassing moments! she is a phenominal performer and her solo music is incredible! she was terrific in the black eyed peas. Wait wait wait, if u are the major group performing, people will be more than willing to wait 5 minutes while you drain the resevoir!! honestly! fergie, isnt a good singer with her wobbily voice and who would name their child fergi anyway?? if i was there i would have walked on stage and pistol whipped her for coming on stage smelling like hot piss.


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Fergie piss on stage. Black eyed peas star fergie has enjoyed chart-topping success throughout her career, and her latest collaboration with nicki minaj is expected to be no exception. If she has to drink so does not have to get so drunk that see pees her self and honestly she could have gone to the bathroom before she went on it would not have been such a big deal. Came off haughtily, unintentionally. You stupid your damn self for writing that bullshit. This is what i heard around town. They are human too.


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There were 3 different stages set up on the west side of the parking lot with only a slight overlap in set times, so you pretty much had to choose 1 of 3 bands to watch at any given time. It could be urine, as the volume may not have been sufficient for further soaking.

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