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Facial maxillary tenderness


Facial pain - red flag symptoms | gponline

Comorbid illness such as diabetes, hypertension, dental disease, psychiatric illness, or a history of head or facial trauma or prior surgery should be questioned. The condition affects up to. A good light is required to examine the teeth, the attached gingiva and then the soft tissues of the oral mucosa. Epub 2014 dec 8.

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Facial maxillary tenderness. Kondev l, minster a. The aetiology may be different from trigeminal neuralgia which may account for poorer outcomes after surgery. Which comes and goes, feels like bursts of sharp, stabbing, electric-shocks. News, insights and clinical education. There are very few randomized control trials of surgery.

Clinical assessment

Although this entity would be a convenient solution to many diagnostic dilemmas, it is a relatively rare final diagnosis. Disclosure: nothing to disclose.

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