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Dominant wife spank husband

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Wife spanks husband for breaking rules. She told him he’d need an enema before his rectal exam. She stripped down, while patrick watched, then pulled a strap-on around her waist, and got up, between his spread legs, slipped the dildo into his anus as he groaned then she stroked her hand up and down his penis, as she pumped the dildo in and out of his ass. Patrick and charlotte had been married less than a year. Let them spank his cheeks also. After a few minutes, his erection had drooped a bit. I’d never given anyone an enema.

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Dominant wife spank husband. Patrick walked off to the master bedroom. He eventually submitted to his fate and took the rest of his spanking while draped over my knee without squirming around. If you haven’t cum yet, do it now. I get more excited than he does. The first time i gave him an enema i was frightened. Perhaps a dominant wife spanking her slave husband first thing in the morning. Wife finishes controlling her husband.


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When time came, i told him to lift his skirt and get across a table. I have no choice but to do as told, the one time i put up a struggle while being bathed, she pulled me from the child and over her lap i went for a very hard wet bottom spanking and then back in the tub to continue the bath.

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