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Do you boobs hang low music


Koit - do your boobs hang low lyrics | musixmatch

A bit scary, in fact :3. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Please take some time to. This song is to the tune of turkey in the straw also this was the best version of the song that i could find and i’m truly sorry about that. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Certainly “do your balls hang low?” is known to have been sung by british soldiers on the western front during the first world war.

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Koit do your boobs hang low lyrics - officialDo your boobs hang low?, parody song lyrics of trad, do your ears hang low?


Do your boobs hang low ?Do your boobs hang low? do they wobble to and fro?Shazam

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Do you boobs hang low music. He immediately called for his horse and rode to the head of the column to remonstrate with the battalion commander, only to find the colonel singing as heartily as his men. Just an altered version of “do your balls hang low”, and not even a good one in my eyes. Lyn macdonald reports that, on one occasion in 1916, general douglas haig heard the song being sung by a column of soldiers as they marched past on their way to the somme. Make sure your selection. Other than trudy walker animations, this is what i get asked for most. As usual, everything by me. So here it is.

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