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Do girls prefer shaved


Do girls prefer guys with a beard or clean shaved? what are their preferences regarding the chest hair of guys? - quora

Well it seems that the overall study showed some amazing results. My first thought was that the editors must have left it in by accident, and that maybe someone on the team would be due a slap on the wrist. The balls themselves aren’t really that hairy anyhow. A guy going out of his way to get his eyebrows waxed is a little much for me, however. Based on a research, it has been shown that men with more masculine features were considered as more attractive.


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Girls of reddit, do you prefer a guy with shaved pubes, trimmed, natural?

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Do girls prefer shaved. My only regret is that i had to wait so long before going bald. Once it gets to more than a week or two, depending how much growth you have, the long random strays and curls can come off as laziness or uncleanliness. Pardon me, miss, don’t mean to sound rude. Then i went laughing, hehehehe. They all look alike—and somewhat brutal, sorry to say. I was also afraid no woman would marry me if i was bald. And it happened super fast (in less than two years), which was fortunate, as i couldn’t lose hair off the top of my head fast enough to please me.

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What do women really like in a man?

I can def see how this becomes less important as men age though as many won’t have any hair anyway so why not just shave off the last scraps he has left and go bald already. If i can see your armpit hair without you raising your arms, then that’s a problem.

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