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Love in the 21st century; when debbie met christina, who then became chris - the new york times

I needed to at least give it a try. Although not completely closeted, df seems to have chosen to be modest. She is not bisexual. After haring friedman perform at the conference for the advancement of jewish education last summer in amherst, massachusetts, and orthodox woman said, “i’ve been [praying] all my life, but today was the first time i felt like i was really davening. As a 16-year-old working as a baby-sitter at camp herzel in webster, wisconsin, she picked up a guitar and began picking out the song a group of campers were singing. Lashon hara is not. Dlevy, might you in future take your grievances up with the living than the dead.

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Debbie friedman lesbian. She’s not fond of shlepping through airports between gigs, nor of the marketing and merchandising — and compromising — it might take to succeed in the pop world. I know people who knew debbie personally and studied under her and who are devastated at her loss. The fact remains that her choices demand respect, for she was the one who had to make them, and live with them. ” ”i thought, oops, working-class guys don’t do that,” says chris, laughing. To demand the same from a gay woman is to impose shame on that individual, and that is not a characteristic jewish behavior. If because of homophobia she suffered here on this earth the soul-torture that is the closet, may he loved ones be comforted by the miracle that was her life and may her music give us all the courage and strength to change the world so that others need never know that pain.

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Thank you lord, she is an everlasting treasure. We were confident that we were not outing her.

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