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Crush fetish heel high


Foot crush fetish - standing on man in spiked heels - feet9

She just wanted to prove a point. Listen to the cars crunch under her heels as she smiles from the destruction. Fetish mistress lady b walks in the room in her tall sparkly silver high heel shoes and sexy black stockings. She immediately throws the stuffed animal to the ground and begins crushing it beneath her full weight until she rips off its arms and legs. They did not have time for these small ones and crushed them to tiny little pieces. She left the mess on the floor for her slave to clean up. But she not only wants to crush this little bitch – she wants to torture and humiliate her in any possible way.


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Crush fetish heel high. She’ll break it under her high heels, step by step with hard steps on that cold floor! she enjoys that crackling sound of breaking plastic under her feet and takes every little piece to smash it carefully and slowly. Empress victoria loves to use her powerful feet to crush stuff. Mistress christin has a new found fetish. She likes to pick fights with guys and humiliate them just because she can.

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This toys and the packages will be destroyed in more then one way: by doing a catwalk on them, crushing them by hard kicks and so on. The sound of the plastic being crushed really turns her on.

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