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In the house, melissa wore more revealing cloths and his hands took many liberties. He let it soak for a few seconds and raised his chest off hers so she could breathe. I didn’t think so either daddy” she said. I looked down at my penis and saw that it was covered in blood. It was slippery now, and if felt warm and good. He got up and went to where father joseph was. She squeezed his cock and jacked it several times slowly.


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Came in his daughters cunt. Nicole screamed out “our father who art in heaven i beg of you to spare me. Grunts, groans, meaningless words, whines. Just recounting our childhood. I lubed up her ass hole.


I managed to put two fingers into her virgin ass. Little slit was opened up. She saw her enlarged breasts, full of delicious milk for daddy’s baby.

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