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Bisexual married men chat

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Chat room for gay husbands - straight wives - bisexual men & support  - support for the other man, wives of gay men & husbands of straight wives or who think im bisexual

Of course, things have changed and i’m a happy homosexual now. You may be a mother, sister, wife, friend but who are you and what do you want to explore sexually? any thoughts or desires you have are valid. I wish i’d been a little more circumspect about the labeling. I appreciate your comments but cheating with either gender isn’t ok or just. They further suggest that female fear of the loss of intimacy and support, also allegedly driven by evolutionary influences, explains the female pattern, that in male partners, “homosexual affairs are more reflective of ensuing abandonment as they evince a more complete absence of emotional intimacy and satisfaction with one’s partner. Laws on sexuality haven’t kept pace with technology.


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Bisexual married men chat. I commented on the thread earlier. They generally limit their encounters with men to anonymous one-night stands and tell all manner of lies if their wives suspect. That is the most important element. I respect the viewpoint and research! but sadly adding levels or degrees to this sort of behavior justifies those who are ashamed of their feelings and condones the secret promiscuous nature of the bicurious, bisexual or the closet gays! being homosexual is wildly accepted in this world.

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I came from a conservative background and hid for years and years. It sounds stupid and naive but i just grew up thinking that way. You’ll feel more like a team than ever before.

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