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My boyfriend knows that i’m attracted to women, and he’s ok with it. Yea it was my parting her legs wide open and putting my face into cleaned shaved () women parts. But i can say that i don’t enjoy it as much. I love the smell of some women’s hairy vulva. That was constant regardless of razor used.

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Average nude wives blogs. I think too many women are pressurised by men into going bare. I haven’t gone back since. I’m not a very hairy person in the first place so it just feels like me. After this type of grooming, i am very comfortable and love the way it feels ! my guys always compliment me on how pretty it looks! Right now, i’m dating a wonderful guy who doesn’t know what my number is, but he suspects it’s high. Are they the ones in luminous red lipstick with super-coiffed, slick hair-dos and skirts so short, teamed with wedges so high you wonder how they’ll even get to the end of the room let alone be able to go up to a man and ask for his number? First i channeled the creativity i would have used to become a mom into my sexuality, and then i channeled it into writing my memoir.


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At age 11, i wanted to know what sex felt like, so i broke my own hymen by propping my legs up in front of a mirror and sticking my barbie doll’s leg inside my vagina. Then, at midnight, the women would take off their tops, and people would have sex in every corner of the room, in front of everyone. I told you how i had become, with pressure from friends, an exhibitionist.

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