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No point bitching about it without trying to figure out how to solve these problems, least of all from someone who thinks we want or need pity. But i know from personal experience, i have no shame in approaching any girl and i’ve never had problems picking up girls. Now because these girls wear skirts, high heels, makeup and aren’t obese ignorant white guys tend to think their “hot”. There are a couple of reasons for this: It’s definitely not unheard of for (probably drunk) chinese guys to challenge you to a fist-fight if they see you with your girlfriend, because they rationalize that if they can beat the shit out of you, they’ll snag her for themselves.

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Being an asian guy in the us sucks (?) : theredpillTwitter

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Asian guy sucking. Women treat him like a play thing. The asian guy as the option. They also seem to marry younger whan white people of the same education level; when you work in software there are always indian women in your team or near it, if not as engineers then qa or something. Whites don’t dominate because they have it easy, they have it easy because they dominated. Asian boys are fantastic! i like the delicious cream on smooth skin. Name cannot be longer than 255 characters.

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You can’t simply dismiss that and say “no, they really. Just wish i could. I think asian guys definitely do have it harder than the other races, but i don’t think it nearly is as bad as that flow chart makes it out to be.

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