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Anal fistula with tuberculosis


Perianal tuberculosis: a rare disease of late diagnosis - sciencedirect

Component bar diagram showing that in 71 cases diagnosed as fistula in ano 18 were positive for tb and 1 was positive in 40 case of peri anal abscess. According to his medical history, he was treated for a perianal abscess which was incised and drained one year ago, yet, despite the initial healing, it recurred two months later. Materials and methods: study design: prospective study. A high index of suspicion of tuberculosis should be borne in mind in all cases of perianal lesions with vague etiology or with diagnostic problems, which should be confirmed by histological and bacteriological analysis and treated specifically. The patient gave a history of being operated 14 times earlier for the same complaints. The lesion may be very painful, or the patient may have few symptoms.

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Anal fistula causesA prospective study on tubercular fistula in ano and its management


Ano-perianal tuberculosis - solving a clinical dilemmaAnal tuberculosis: report of a case and review of literature - sciencedirectA case of intestinal tuberculosis with perianal fistula diagnosed after 30 years


Anal fistula with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (tb) is one of the leading causes of death worldwide particularly in developing countries, ranking alongside hiv/aids. This paper describes a prospective series of tubercular fistula in ano where the patients were primarily managed medically and the outcomes have been reported. Since relapse in cases of tuberculous fistula in ano is high due to delayed diagnosis and recurrent nature of disease and a slow response to treatment like that of resistant cases has been observed, the treatment strategy planned was containing both first line as well as second line (fluoroquinolone) drugs. When fistulas are found in other locations, they are often associated with secondary conditions. The average length of time between first manifestation of the disease and diagnosis was three years (range, 3 months to 9 years); all patients had undergone surgery previously.


Journal of evidence based medicine and healthcareTuberculous anal fistulas - prevalence and clinical features in an endemic areaRecurrent high fistula-in-ano: think of tuberculosis! dawar r, jain sk, rani h, mendiratta l, sardana r - ann trop med public healthAnoperineal tuberculosis | springerlinkPerianal tuberculosis: a case report and a review of the literature

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Although our patient had a history of receptive anal intercourse, it was probably not contributory. Sex distribution of the patients showing male predominance accounting for 84% and female patients around 16%.

Comparison of histopathology, acid fast bacillus smear and real-time polymerase chain reaction for detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis in anal fistula in 161 patients: a prospective controlled trial garg p, garg mk, agarwal n - int j mycobacteriolTuberculosis and anal fistula | jama | jama network

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