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Male self concept and small penis syndrome

Or how i couldnt see how good i made her feel. Actually, i’ve never measured since i don’t care if it’s big or small — i only care what the girl thinks. Hiding in change rooms, at urinals, terrified someone might see. Tell him he has done nothing wrong and reassure him in general.


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Anai piss sex. We have small penis’ but we are normal in every other way, and yet we can’t have a normal life. ) when people tell little dick jokes on tv or movies or hanging out in person we smile and laugh through the humiliation. Penetration may be very pleasurable for the guy regardless of his size, but if he is doing it with a woman that has had multiple partners that are much bigger, then ofcourse if won’t feel the same. My wife and i have been together since we were kids so she doesn’t have much experience outside of me. I’m trying to work on finding a way to make us both happy in bed but just ended up feeling like a bitch.


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When you leave the therapist’s office, you still have a small penis, you still doubt if you can satisfy your wife, you have just humiliated yourself beyond belief, and you paid $250 for the experience. Finally, i sense that you, as many others, have concluded that you are “extremely small.

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