Tyler Dalton McNabb

God Loves Satan And I Do Too


‘[T]he originator of evil himself will be healed’ -Gregory of Nyssa (Catechetical Orations 26)


This seems like a pretty scandalous thing to say, at least coming from an evangelical. So why would I say it? Well, God is a perfect Being and as a perfect Being, God loves every person as much as it is possible. If God only loved some persons, say those that loved Him, there would be a moral defect in God. Moreover, say that love could be measured on a scale that was between 1-10. Even if God did love everyone but His love for people in category C1 could be measured as a 10 and His love for people in category C2 a 5, there would still be an imperfection in God’s love. But by definition, there are no imperfections in God! So if this is right, and Satan is a person, then wouldn’t it follow that God loves Satan as much as possible? Let’s look at it this way:

(1) God loves every person as much as possible.
(2) Satan is a person.
(3) God loves Satan as much as possible.

So God loves Satan. But should we? Well, God tells us to be perfect as He is perfect (Matt 5:48). In fact, the context of that commandment is in reference to loving our enemies. And can you think of a greater enemy than Satan? It seems to me that we should follow God’s command and love Satan. But practically speaking, how could we demonstrate this love? While I’m not fully aware of how we should go about loving Satan, it does seem that one way would be to pray that if it is feasible, ‘the originator of evil himself would be healed.’